Terms and Conditions

Is this a lot? Yeah. We know. But we've encountered a lot of things over the years. We want to keep everyone protected, and for all clients to have the same great experience!

Prices are accurate as of 1/10/2024 and are subject to change. Sufficient notice of at minimum 4 weeks will be given to current clients.

All broadcasts are property of PTRTV and are not to be reused, reuploaded, or included in any monetized video without direct permission of PTRTV.

We pride ourselves on putting on great shows, and want to ensure that we are setup for success in doing so. Therefore we are a bit picky on car counts. We do not like putting on races with minimal drivers present. While it is hard to put solid numbers how many drivers is sufficient,  we will work with you on setting a target for your style of racing. We understand there are bad weeks, but if trends are in a downward direction with car count, we reserve the right to terminate our agreements.  >> We will reach out to you if car count is a concern and offer a cancellation of the race with no penalty. If you choose to commit to the stream and car count is not at the required amount, we will charge a $25 "show up fee". <<

We will only accept pre-payment of up to 4(four) races per invoice. We will not negotiate a deal including full pre-payment nor will we accept it if it is presented. This is done to minimize risk for the client and to protect the company in terms of liability. 

All broadcasts must be paid within 3 days of the scheduled event. We try to be flexible, but we cannot chase and wait for payment. 'Day of' payments will not be accepted.

If a broadcast that is scheduled to have two commentators is only able to provide one commentator, a credit will be applied to a future broadcast or a refund will be given of a pre-discussed amount. 

A prescheduled broadcast may be fully cancelled for a full refund up until 2 days prior to the scheduled event.  A 75% refund will be given for cancellations done within 24 hours of the broadcast. Refunds WILL NOT include the initial $25 non refundable deposit.

Races will not be broadcasted with a past due balance. If a Paid in Advance invoice client has an overtime fee, that must be paid before the next scheduled race or else a blackout of the event will occur. A blackout race will receive a 75% refund per race that was not covered.

Full refunds will be given if the broadcast is not able to be fulfilled on the broadcasters end whether for unexpected reasons or technical reasons. Unforeseen technical issues occurring mid-broadcast will be handled via a credit/makeup free broadcast. Depending on when issue occurred in the race and what best suits client/PTRTV.

PTRTV is not a contract based company. In sense, we do not operate under a legal binding when a negotiation is agreed upon. PTRTV prides itself on standing by its commitments but does have the ability to cancel a negotiation/deal at our own discretion and at any time. This is not a power we exercise often but does exist if it is felt a league/broadcast doesn't air the channel in a positive way amongst other unusual circumstances.

While we do agree to cover and plug any requested sponsors during the broadcast, PTRTV has the right to plug our own sponsors during the broadcast. This will apply even if a potential conflict of interest of companies occurs. 

Drivers are expected to be respectful and use appropriate language in any and all interview segments. All paint schemes are expected to be appropriate and without any obscene or inappropriate logos or text.  Consistent lack of of following will result in no "Trading Paints" custom schemes run and no interview sessions.

We hope you are satisfied with your purchase of a broadcast from PTRTV and hope to serve you again!